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Episode 11: Resolve Work Conflict in Your Favor

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Show Notes

In this episode of The Happy Leader, I share insights on navigating workplace conflict by sharing a personal story of how I didn’t handle conflict well and the backlash that followed. Conflict in the workplace is a common issue that impacts productivity, key relationships and well-being. Conflict is also inevitable in the workplace.  The key to managing conflict effectively is outlining your ideal probable outcome and preparing your approach with that in mind. 

By setting clear intentions, employing active listening, and focusing on the future, you can increase the chance of a successful resolution. At the very least, you will have handled conflict in a way that makes you feel controlled and confident while gaining valuable information that will help you make informed future decisions.

Key Questions Discussed In the Podcast

  • Learn how to keep negative emotions about the person or situation out of the conversation so they don’t debunk your approach.
  • How to best prepare yourself for the conflict resolution conversation.
  • How to use the Conflict Resolution Checklist and how it will help you map out exactly what to say before your next difficult conversation.

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