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The Happy Leader

Hear stories and leadership tips from Amy Sanchez, executive coach to some of the most innovative leaders and teams in Silicon Valley.

The Happy Leader will help you navigate the most common leadership challenges so you and your team can amplify what matters most- happiness.

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The Art of Saying “No” Professionally

By Craig Clawson | April 2, 2024

In this episode of The Happy Leader, I delve into the crucial skill of saying no professionally as a leader. I share insights and advice on how mastering the art of saying no can help leaders avoid overwhelm, protect their passion for their work, and enhance their ability to be seen as promotable. I’ll emphasize the importance of setting boundaries, smart workload management, and fostering a culture of respect and clear communication within teams.

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Golden Handcuffs or Career Happiness?

By Craig Clawson | March 26, 2024

You’ll hear about “Pierre” who, despite his success and wealth, felt trapped and deeply unhappy. Pierre’s internal struggle exemplifies the conflict many leaders face when deciding between financial security or personal fulfillment.

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Imposter Syndrome When You Start A New Role

By Craig Clawson | March 19, 2024

“Dave” was a tech leader newly appointed to the c-suite who was struggling to believe he was well equipped for the role he was given.
Turns out, imposter syndrome in new roles is incredibly common for high achievers.

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How to Prioritize as a Leader When Everything Feels Important

By Amy Sanchez | March 12, 2024

This week we share the story of “Kevin”, an executive coaching client who was overwhelmed by constantly jumping from one urgent task to another. We’ll explore the importance of prioritization as a leader and how it can lead to increased productivity and well-being, both personally and professionally.

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The Best Leadership Style for Today’s Workplace – Happy Leader Podcast EP 02

By Amy Sanchez | March 5, 2024

Transformational leadership, known for motivating teams effectively in today’s dynamic workplace, empowers leaders to bring out the best in their team members without micromanaging.

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Angry leader searches for leadership advantage

Know Yourself to Gain a Leadership Advantage – The Happy Leader EP01

By Amy Sanchez | February 12, 2024

In our inaugural episode of The Happy Leader, Amy discusses the impact of unconscious behaviors on leadership development.

We discuss the curious case of “Vince”, and how by addressing triggers and behaviors, he was able to undergo a significant leadership transformation.

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