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Leadership and Executive Coaching To Improve Happiness, Impact, and Earning Potential

Hi! I’m Amy Sanchez, a certified Leadership And Executive Coach.

I partner with leaders and companies via executive coaching, leadership coaching, and team building workshops to help them increase their impact so they can create happier and more successful lives and workplaces.

  • The average person will spend 1/3rd of their life at work.
  • Research overwhelmingly shows that when people are happy, they perform better.
  • My role is to help optimize mindsets, up-level skill-sets, and develop habits to make the workplace more fulfilling for everyone, ultimately leading to greater happiness, impact, and revenue.

This starts at the individual leader level and reverberates throughout the organization.

If you're ready to invite more ease into your leadership approach, navigate your career towards greater fulfillment, or support your organization through growth, join me on the journey to increased happiness, impact, and earning potential with a custom-designed executive leadership coaching program.

Coach, Consultant, Speaker - Amy Sanchez

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Services to help you at
every stage of your leadership career

leadership & Executive Coaching Services

Feeling like you're making a lot of sacrifices for limited rewards? Clarify and achieve your leadership goals with executive leadership coaching to trade doubt and overwhelm for confidence and impact.


Team Building Workshops

Create a team that will stick together through the ups and downs. Foster a culture that favors speed without compromising quality to support the organization's growth while preserving what made you successful to begin with.


Executive Career Coaching

Navigate your leadership career with confidence to set yourself up for a fulfilling last-part of your career by planting the right seeds and making the right moves.


You’re ready to optimize your work and impact the world in ways that feel aligned with your values.

But you’re not quite feeling aligned right now.

  • From an individual perspective, you may be wondering why your excitement is dwindling even though you've reached a senior level in your career.


  • From an organizational level, you might be looking at your teams and wondering why they don’t seem to be functioning as swiftly and collaboratively as you know they can.

 Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way to achieve those goals: Executive coaching/Leadership coaching and team-building workshops led by an expert who knows what leaders and organizations need to maximize their fullest potential.

It’s time to Swim Against the Current®.

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coaching-testimonials-amy-sanchez-swim-against-the-current-Robert Calvin

“It is difficult to sum up how much Amy has done to help me and the impact that it has on my life"

At a high-level, Amy gave me the tools to take stock in who I am, outline what I stand for and should therefore expect from people, and how to build my confidence and influence as a leader.

While Amy is an amazing coach helping leaders be more impactful, she is also highly impactful helping her clients pivot from careers and roles when the signs are pointing in that direction.

I feel confident that I am at the destination that I hoped to be at and am excited to start another journey with the navigation that Amy has helped me recognize was in my dashboard all along. I plan on keeping Amy in my life as I keep moving ahead.”

-Robert, Director of Talent

Looking for those same types of results?

Learn more about how I work with individuals and organizations for leadership and executive career coaching, as well as team building workshops. Along with providing Bay Area Executive Coaching services locally, I provide my services to global clients as well.

Blogs to support your leadership journey

Loneliness At The Top – The CEO Loneliness Guide to Survival

By Amy Sanchez | February 24, 2020

Last Modified On: March 14, 2024, Author: Amy Sanchez You’ve made it to the top coveted position.  And while society spends plenty of time portraying the glamour of being the top dog, what they don’t reveal is that there is loneliness at the top as per some CEO’s experience. Hence, CEO loneliness is really something that…

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Preparing for Maternity Leave

By Amy Sanchez | October 9, 2019

You are about to embark upon an adventure like one you’ve never experienced before.  And although it’s an adventure fellow-women have been going on since the beginning of humankind, it is still full of surprises for each brave woman who embarks upon it.  Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone.  There are tons of resources out there…

The Job Search Mistakes You’re Likely Making

By Amy Sanchez | August 8, 2019

Last Modified On: March 25, 2024, Author: Amy Sanchez Every 2-3 years throughout the first 13 years of my career, I switched jobs.  I had a distinct pattern: the first six months of my new job I was really happy and excited that I had finally found a role I liked. Then, the familiar doubts and disheartening…

Golden Gate Bridge - Bay Area main artery for commuters

5 Insights About The Bay Area Job Market For Aspiring Executives In 2024

By Amy Sanchez | July 2, 2019

The Bay Area offers significant career opportunities for professionals aspiring to advance their careers. Learn how to be successful in this unique job market.

What to Do When You Can’t Let Go of the Little Things? A Guide On How To Let Go Of Little Things

By Amy Sanchez | June 11, 2019

 Last Modified On: March 16, 2024, Author: Amy Sanchez I recently had a discovery call with a client (who is also a lawyer) that ended with him wanting to work with me.  After sending him my contract, he replied in a scathing email that he no longer wanted to work with me and his reasons centered…

How to Resolve Conflict At Work in Your Favor?

By Amy Sanchez | April 2, 2019

Last Modified On: March 14, 2024, Author: Amy Sanchez When something goes “wrong” in an organization, at home, while driving, etc., the first response tends to be, “Whose fault is it?” There’s a fundamental error to this instinctual first response.  Once we move to finding fault and point the finger, we focus on uncovering what’s wrong…

Actualize success, relieve stress with daily meditation

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation At Work (and Beyond)?

By Amy Sanchez | March 11, 2019

 Last Modified On: January 25, 2024, Author: Amy Sanchez The term “meditation” has become a popular word in the English vernacular lately.  Previously reserved for monks and free-spirited hippies, it’s become more and more a part of our mainstream culture as we’re seeing everyday people embrace the practice and tout the positives.  So, what are the benefits…

Recharge yourself. Change your routine.

Why You Should Shake Up Your Routine

By Amy Sanchez | February 25, 2019

The last few weeks have felt grueling.  I’ve been spending every minute of my non-coaching work hours on building my business.  I’ve been networking, writing, applying for public speaking, pitching prospective leads, investing time in SEO, and on.  I was starting to feel a little fatigued and disengaged and I couldn’t figure out why.  After all, I had…

Choose the right company size for your career

What Size Of A Company Should I Work For?

By Amy Sanchez | February 12, 2019

Last Modified On: February 5, 2024, Author: Amy Sanchez When pondering the next right career move, a common question that comes up is, “what size of a company would suit me best?”  I’ve worked for Fortune 50 companies, mid-sized companies, and a small start-up with less than 30 people.  So, if like Goldilocks, you’re wondering which…

When quitting my job is the right career choice

Should I Quit My Job?

By Amy Sanchez | February 4, 2019

Published On: February 4, 2019, Last Modified On: January 22, 2024, Author: Amy Sanchez At some point in your career, you’ll reach a point when you’re at the end of a rapidly fraying rope. And all you want to do is tell everyone off.  And you may have visions of quitting and walking out in a…