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Bay Area Workshops for Team Building and Leadership Enhancement

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9 out of 10 employees agree that they would remain at their jobs longer if their companies invested in their career development.

Are you investing in your employees’ growth?

Especially in times of great change, taking time to know, understand, and build trust among your teams via team building workshops can be the most important investment that you make. Increase retention, productivity, efficiency, and the speed at which your team can move because they innately know and understand each other.

Bay Area Workshops

By working with an executive coach, like me, your Bay Area workshops will be customized and designed to address your organization’s or team’s very targeted and specific goals.

Popular Workshops Include:

  • Executive Coaching Process_1

    Highly Functioning Teams

    Improve communication, speed, and flexibility to optimize productivity

  • Executive Coaching Process_2

    New Team Assimilation

    To get new teams off the ground fast

  • Executive Coaching Process_3

    Company and Leadership Values

    Identify and align on guiding principles and behaviors to help the senior leadership team thrive and stayed aligned in all situations

I am certified in DiSC and often bring these assessments into my workshops to personalize and enhance the experience.


If you’re outside of the Bay Area and you’re looking for an executive coach who can help you with team building and workshop facilitation, please use my contact form to inquire about virtual or in-person events.

Bay area workshops - testimonial

"There is no single phrase I can use to describe the impact that Amy had on the attendees to the workshop; she is a rock star, she is passionate, literally puts the team on her shoulders, and teaches you how to run with it!

Latinx@Cloudera, wanted to sponsor a workshop to empower all employees to reach their full potential; We found Amy and she took the monumental task of building a custom workshop and optimizing it for a live room AND remote offices, and then she delivered it in one event! She is the biggest champion of remote employee enablement!

During the session, nobody blinked, you could feel the engagement because of the number and depth of the questions asked. Amy handled the situation perfectly, giving timely answers but never losing track of the workshop. Everybody felt they were an essential part of the process!

In a data-driven company like Cloudera, everything has a purpose and has to be measured. In some cases, metrics are difficult to establish, and the company's market situation made it more challenging to track down results.

However, shortly after the workshop, we saw an increase in employee-led projects across the company, more ERGs organizing events, and more cross-team collaboration, simply because more people understood their roles in leading efforts.

I would absolutely recommend Amy and I'm already looking forward to hosting another leadership workshop at my new company."

- Angel C., Product Marketing Manager

Bay Area Speaker

A great way to provide value to your organization is bringing in a Bay area speaker who understands your event and organizational goals, and who can command the attention of an audience.

Three of my most-requested keynote speeches are:

  • Executive Coaching Process_1

    How to Influence in a Digital World

  • Executive Coaching Process_2

    Manage Stress to Optimize Success

  • Executive Coaching Process_3

    Navigating Your Career Transition

If you’d like to hire me for a keynote speech and are outside of the Bay Area, please use my contact form to inquire about virtual or in-person events.


"I highly recommend Amy to any organization looking to connect and engage an audience on a personal and individual level – something even more critical in today’s pandemic-Zoom era.

With nearly 430,000 Trojan alumni around the world, USC has no shortage of accomplished and knowledgeable speakers for our programs. What sets Amy Sanchez apart is her ability to connect with our constituents, her ability to adapt and mold the conversation to align with our programming goals, and her ability to deliver her content in a clear and digestible format.

From an organizational standpoint, Amy is a great partner. Not only is she highly responsive, she also places great emphasis in understanding our objectives for her presentation.

Time and again, Amy’s programs are consistently well attended and receive positive feedback."

-Tanya Moran-Adolph, Associate Director of Generational Programs at the University of Southern California Alumni Association

My Approach To Designing Workshops and Speeches

While those are my most popular topics for Bay Area workshops and speeches, I am able to customize any workshop or speech for your event.

Here’s how:

  • Executive Coaching Process_1

    We’ll start with a complimentary discovery conversation to uncover your team or organization’s desired outcome

  • Executive Coaching Process_2

    A high-level workshop plan will be designed to meet your needs

  • Executive Coaching Process_3

    Once approved, your facilitated workshop or speech will be delivered live or remote. I also include actions to keep the learnings alive well beyond the event.

Bay area workshops

“Amy is fantastic!

I had the pleasure of working with Amy on a recent project for my company and she exceeded all expectations. She took the time to fundamentally understand our challenges, exhibited remarkable emotional intelligence throughout the project and tailored specific and relevant content for our organization.

Amy’s expertise was paramount in helping our colleagues navigate challenging times. Thank you, Amy!”

- Willie Sanders, District Business Manager at Pfizer