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Workshops can play a key role during times of transition and growth.  They show that you’re willing to invest in your employees, that you want them to be engaged and share their voices, and that you recognize that it’s important to step away from day-to-day tasks and align on strategic objectives so everyone is marching to the same beat.

Workshops can set the right tone to motivate individuals to go the extra mile to meet company goals.

Oftentimes, employees are pursuing business goals but can bump heads in the process. Workshops bring attention to areas that most business planning processes neglect to address.

To support the above needs, I offer four different workshops:

  1. New Team Assimilation
  2. Leadership Workshop
  3. 360 Business Planning
  4. Product Launch Excellence

In addition, I will incorporate your company’s individual needs into every pre-built workshop to meet your unique goals.  I can also build a workshop from scratch if your needs differ from the above.


Achieve Work-Life Balance Speech - Amy Sanchez
Amy Sanchez inspiring leaders to greatness
Find A Job You Love Speech - Amy Sanchez

Speeches are a great way to provide value to your organization.

I’ve given speeches to a number of different organizations including Johnson & Johnson, local parents’ clubs, institutions that offer advanced learning for job seekers, and universities. I have two keynote speeches I deliver:

  1. Achieving Work-Life Balance
  2. How to Find a Job You Love

For more information about speeches, please message Amy today.

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