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How To Prepare For A New Year – A Free Exercise to Help You Prepare for a Fulfilling New Year in 2024

Last Modified On: march 16, 2024, Author: Amy Sanchez

Happy New Year!

As we say good bye to a year that taught us the value of slowing down and stretched us in ways most of us hadn’t experienced before, it’s a good time to think about what you want to do in 2024. you journey to preparing for a new year starts here.

I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions. But I do believe in the power of intention. Identifying what you want is the first step towards attracting it to your life. Yes, you might have self-doubt but understanding what is self doubt and how to fight it, can have a significant impact on how you see your life.

As you kick off the New Year, carve out about one hour of dedicated, relaxing time to become intentional about your year ahead by answering the questions below and reflecting on your aspirations and goals. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can fully immerse yourself in this process. Grab a notebook or journal, and perhaps a warm cup of tea or your favorite beverage, to set a soothing ambiance. By the end of it, you should be able to get an answer to 'How to prepare for a new year?'

Begin by centering yourself and taking a few deep breaths. Allow any residual stress or worries from the past year to dissipate, leaving you with a clear and open mindset around preparing for a new year . Now, let's delve into the following questions:

  1. What did you learn about yourself in the past year? Reflect on the challenges you faced and the personal growth that came from them. Acknowledge your strengths and areas for improvement.
  2. How do you want to feel in 2024? Consider your emotional well-being and the states of mind you wish to cultivate throughout the year. Do you desire more peace, joy, confidence, or balance? Visualize these feelings and embody them in your intention.
  3. What are your top priorities for the year? Identify the areas of your life that are most important to you. It could be your relationships, career, health, personal development, or any other aspect that holds significance. Be specific and prioritize accordingly.
  4. What new experiences or adventures do you want to pursue? Envision the things you've always wanted to do or explore. Is there a skill you want to learn, a place you want to visit, or a passion you want to pursue? Allow your imagination to roam freely.
  5. How will you prioritize self-care and well-being? Recognize the importance of taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consider the practices and habits you want to cultivate to support your overall well-being.
  6. Who are the people you want to nurture and connect with? Reflect on your relationships and the individuals who bring value and joy to your life. Identify those you want to deepen your connection with and how you can invest in those relationships.
  7. What fears or limiting beliefs do you want to release? Explore the beliefs or fears that may have held you back in the past. Make a commitment to let go of these limitations and embrace a mindset of possibility and growth.
  8. What steps will you take to achieve your goals? Break down your aspirations into actionable steps. Create a roadmap for yourself, with specific milestones and deadlines, that will guide you towards your desired outcomes.

Remember, the purpose of this exercise is not to create rigid resolutions, but rather to set intentions that align with your values and desires and the ones that help you prepare a complete roadmap in response to the query 'How to prepare for a new year?' Embrace flexibility and adaptability as you navigate the year ahead, knowing that circumstances may change, and new opportunities may arise.

Once you have answered these questions, take a moment to express gratitude for the past year and the experiences that shaped you. Embrace a positive mindset and carry your intentions with you as you step into the New Year, ready to embrace the possibilities that await.

This exercise was adopted from yearcompass.

I recommend copying and pasting the below questions in an application that will allow you to type your answers (except the first question- do try drawing if the mood strikes you!).

Here's to a New Year and a New, Happier, More Fulfilled You!

The Year Ahead - Planning for a Fulfilling 2024

  1. Dare to Dream Big

What does the year ahead look like? Why will it be great? What would happen in an ideal world? Write, draw, let go of expectations and dare to dream.

2. This is What My Next Year Will Be About

Define the most important aspects of the next year in the following areas. Which events will be the most important? Summarize briefly.

Personal Life and Family

Belongings (home, objects)

Friends, Community



Work, Studies, Profession,

Relaxation, Hobbies, Creativity

Health, Fitness

Emotional, Spritual

Bucket List

3. Magical Triplets for the Year Ahead

I will love these three things about myself:

I am ready to let go of these three things:

I want to achieve these three things the most:

These three people will be my pillars during rough times:

I will dare to discover these three things:

I will have the power to say no to these three things:

I will make my surroundings cozy with these three things:

I will do these three things every morning:

I will pamper myself with these three things regularly:

I will visit these three places:

I will connect with my loved ones in these three ways:

I will reward my successes with these three presents:

4. Six Sentences About My Next Year

This year, I will not procrastinate any more over:

This year, I will draw the most energy from:

This year, I will be bravest when:

This year, I will say yes when:

This year, I advise myself to:

This year will be special for me because:

5. My Word for the Year Ahead

Pick a word to symbolize and define this new year.  You can look at this word if you need some extra energy, so you remember not to give up on your dreams:

6. Secret Wish

Unleash your mind.  What is your secret wish for this year?


I believe anything is possible this year.



About The Author

Leadership Consultant and Coach Amy Sanchez

Amy Sanchez is a certified executive and career coach located in the Bay Area who specializes in helping mid- to senior-level executives achieve their full potential and build the lives they want.

She has an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business and 13 years of corporate experience.

She is a skilled coach and neutral partner who provides clients with tangible tools and effective guidance to successfully navigate the waters of this fast-paced, hyper-connected, high-stakes job market.

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