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Who is this Executive Coaching Service for?

When you’ve climbed the corporate ladder and get closer to the top, sometimes it doesn’t feel as fulfilling as you once thought it would.  Those behaviors that got you here now start to work against you as the personal sacrifices and the feeling of “having to do it all” continue to add up.

Fortunately, there is a way to relieve the pressure - Executive coaching services / leadership coaching services. Explore ways to find more time for the things you love AND continue to be seen as a rising star in your career.  Join the 500+ leaders who have taken this executive coaching journey and watch your own transformation start to unfold.

If you resonate with any of these, you're in the right place:

  • Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current – Leadership coaching

    Waning inner-satisfaction, despite having worked hard to move up the corporate ladder

  • Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current – Leadership coaching

    Little to no work-life balance accompanied with high stress

  • Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current – Leadership coaching

    Feelings of doubt, incompetence, or a tendency to compare yourself to others

  • Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current – Leadership coaching

    Feeling like there is always too much to do and too little time to get it all done. Lots of grinding, little to no fun and joy

Amy Sanchez Executive Career Coach

The Four Steps to Transforming Your Leadership Presence

To Help You Thrive As a Leader, in All Parts of Your Life

Step 1: Look Within and Optimize Your Energy

Prior to starting executive coaching services, you will fill out an intake form that sets the foundation for change and an Energy Leadership Assessment that identifies the filters you're applying as you interact with your world, both in normal state and under stress. This helps you gain self-awareness about what fuels you and what no longer serves you. This insight helps you decease stress and improve your confidence.

Step 2: Inventory Your Strengths 

The next step in our executive coaching services journey is to hone in on what your top strengths are, audit where you are spending your time, and help you realign your problem-solving efforts to cater to your strengths. The insights gained via this step in our executive coaching services help you determine how to manage current and future projects, what to delegate, how to tweak your communication delivery, and where and how to spend your time recharging.  You will develop a roadmap about how to structure your day and your approach that will fuel future success.

Step 3: Prioritize the Right Areas

Once you're clear on where you want to focus your efforts, you zoom out from your day-to-day efforts and get clear on your values.  This insight gained through leadership coaching service, along with time management techniques, help you determine where and how to spend your time to move the needle in areas that most matter to you.

Step 4: Practice, Grow, and Measure Success

For each coaching goal, you will experiment with a new approach in a safe space until you find the approach that works and apply it broadly. Throughout the executive coaching service period, you collect data to verify that your efforts are working and at the end, we celebrate your success and position you for your next fulfilling career move.


What sets this Executive Coaching Service apart & why should you care?

Part 1 of the executive coaching process

Guidance Of An Expert With 20+ Years Of Experience

Prior to becoming certified as a coach and earning my PCC (Professional Coaching Certificate from the ICF (International Coaching Federation), I got my MBA at USC and spent 13 years in the corporate space.  I experienced the extreme highs and lows that you navigate as a leader.

As a part of my executive coaching services/leadership coaching services, I leverage this experience to give you practical tools and approaches while we embark on your leadership coaching journey to help you navigate even the most delicate of political situations. 

Part 2 of the executive coaching process

Proven Coaching Methodology with 500+ Successful Case Studies

I’ve used this executive coaching service framework with well over 500 leaders from Fortune 50 companies to Silicon Valley start ups and consistently see impressive transformations. When you do the work, and commit to the process, experience shows that it will create meaningful changes in your work and life that will pay off for years to come.

Part 3 of the executive coaching process

You Are At The 'Center' Of Everything

When we work together, I prioritize a client-centered approach that values your uniqueness, self-discovery, and personal growth. I create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore, reflect, and take ownership of your own development journey.

My goal via this leadership coaching service is to empower you to tap into your innate potential, unlock new possibilities, and achieve a meaningful transformation so you can have a greater positive impact on yourself and those around you.

Here’s what it would be like to work together:

coaching-testimonials-amy-sanchez-swim-against-the-current-Marisa Ruffles

"This experience truly changed my perspective on not just my career, but how my career fits into my life overall."

Amy gave me the permission and the safe space to explore my strengths and passions and define my own vision of success.

Inquisitive and insightful, Amy helped me uncover the ‘why’ of what excites and motivates me and helped me look for opportunities to grow in those areas. So much more than a career coach, Amy is a kind, patient and thoughtful mentor. If you’re feeling lost or unfulfilled in your career or held back in your current role - and aren’t sure what the right next step is - I’d strongly suggest connecting with Amy.

Working with Amy wasn’t the work I thought I was going to do; it was the work I didn’t realize I needed to do.

-Marisa, Senior Director of Marketing

After working together via professional coaching services, you'll be able to:

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Build and execute a roadmap to a work life and leadership style that allow you, and those around you, to thrive

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Align your strengths, your motivations, and your values so you know what to prioritize and you’re making impact at every touch point

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Feel creatively inspired and appropriately challenged by the work you’re doing

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Identify opportunities for personal and professional growth and reengage with your career in a meaningful way

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Find a work-life integration that’s aligned with your values and allows you to bring your best self to both your personal and professional life

Results from Previous Happy Clients

“Our work has left a permanent change in the way that I see my own leadership and the ways I best can use leadership to create lasting change”

Jacob, Clinical Professor at Stanford

“Amy Sanchez does not provide you with THE answer — She engages you to gain clarity of thinking, prioritization of actions, and ensures you are prepared and confident to OWN your next steps of the career you choose to live.”

James, Commercial Operations and Strategy Leader

“Amy's approach is like nothing I've seen before, and the intentional nudge with which she pushed me towards my purpose has changed my life.”

Emily, Head of Events

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