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Executive Career Coaching

For mid to senior leaders who are not fully satisfied with their current professional status and want something more


What is Executive Career

Executive career coaching is a personalized coaching process for middle to senior level executives in which an experienced executive career coach helps your determine your next fulfilling role. Unlike other executive career coaches who focus exclusively on helping you land a role (execution), we start our corporate coaching services with exploring what a fulfilling job would look like for you and match your vision to your strengths. Then, we help you build your roadmap to land that role and provide best-in-class tips, specific to someone in a leadership role, to land that role or start that company.

Some of the most common transitions that executive career coaching can support you through:

  • Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current – Leadership coaching

    Feeling unfulfilled in your career after having climbed the ladder and feeling lost or uncertain about what to do next

  • Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current – Leadership coaching

    A career transition after years of working in the same position or in the same organization

  • Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current – Leadership coaching

    Work-life imbalance, lack of clarity, prioritization, or lack of a strategic vision guiding your career progression

  • Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current – Leadership coaching

    The need of a neutral, professional source to discuss career challenges with whom can help you gain clarity and take meaningful action

Achieve Work-Life Balance Speech - Amy Sanchez

Our 3-Step Process To Help You Find Career Fulfillment

- Step 1 -
Optimizing your Energy

How we see ourselves and the filter we apply to world around us impacts our access to opportunities. We start our executive career coaching services journey with exploring what your inner world looks and sounds like, optimize what's working and shed any constructs that are holding you back. This executive leadership coaching helps to increase your confidence, gets a pep back in your step, and ushers in greater clarity.

- Step 2 -
Dream Big Phase

Once you're feeling confident and seeing opportunities all around you, you dive into impactful exercises to help you reflect on your experience to date and combine it with an ideal future image. The insights that emerge from executive career coaching help you identify an exciting and motivating future role.

- Step 3 -
Actualizing Your Dreams

Now that you're feeling confident and know what your career target is, it's time to go after your next role. You gain access to proprietary tools and insights that are designed to help someone at the senior level secure a role. We don't limit your destination- whether you decide to assume a leadership role in an established company or start your own venture, we have all the necessary tools in the executive career coach package to support any path you choose.

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How This Process Has Changed Lives?

Some More Happy Clients


"Amy's coaching is amazing. She truly helped me in making a career change after being in sales for 23 years. Her coaching was thoughtful, sincere, and extremely insightful. 5 stars are not enough. Thank you Amy."

I highly recommend Amy Sanchez and Swim Against the Current. I came to Amy as I was trying to decide what to do next in my career. Through our sessions together, we identified what makes me happy at work and what would be my next ideal position. After working with her, I networked and was able to pivot my career and find a new position. It was incredible how her sessions, activities and guidance helped. If you're at a crossroads in your career and need objective guidance and advice, Amy is the person to go to.


Head of Client Services, Healthcare

coaching-testimonials-amy-sanchez-swim-against-the-current-James Brewer

"What do I do now? Who can help? Where do I go?"

These were just a few of the questions I was asking just one year ago having learned that my role and responsibilities after 20 years were being eliminated.

I needed help.  My traditional colleagues and mentoring network were useful, but my situation required a focused deliberate discussion on what is next and how best to proceed.  It was time to find a professional Career Coach.

I had been following Amy Sanchez on LinkedIn due to the content of her posting being of interest and relevant to me.  I reached out and we had an initial discussion to assess my situation and needs.  This conversation confirmed Amy would be my immediate next step.  It was her ability to ask the clear and succinct questions enabling me to begin designing what I wanted and desired next in my career.

We began a 6-month coaching journey just as I accepted a new role at new smaller organization.  Our sessions quickly became a critical part of my path forward, accelerating my ability to add value with this new company.  We covered many areas of my development, but most importantly re-enforced my strengths where I am unique and add value.

Today, it’s my 9th month anniversary with the new company and it has been successful.  More than expected. First, I built a new team, I designed and staffed two new functional areas within the organization and have been promoted with additional responsibilities to further accelerate the company’s future growth.  Lastly, the CEO met with me yesterday and shared much more is yet to come in the next 2 years and my career.

WOW, what difference a year makes!

I needed help thinking through what’s next, how to approach new opportunities and seize those opportunities with confidence, but also with a strategic plan.

Amy Sanchez was critical in career shift required over the past year.

Amy Sanchez does not provide you with THE Answer - she engages you to gain clarity of thinking, prioritization of actions, and ensures you are prepared and confident to owning your Next Steps of the career you choose to live.

Thank you, Amy, for the Coaching and the Partnership at a time when I was not prepared to address the career changes that I was facing.

I highly recommend Amy for your own personalized Coaching to achieve your aspirations and goals.


Senior Director, Incentive Comp at Gilead

coaching-testimonials-amy-sanchez-swim-against-the-current-Sara Bender

“I cannot say enough positive things about Amy. She’s such a lovely combination of life and career coach."

I was with the same company for 12 years and was presented with tremendous opportunity for career growth. At the height of the pandemic, I entered a role I was extremely passionate about, but I had two toddlers under two home with me and I worked from 7 – 7. At some point I just broke and started to spiral. Fatigue caught up with me and I started to reevaluate my day-to-day life and ability to continue.

I knew I needed to get some help, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that looked like. I had been toying with the idea of calling Amy for some time. We had worked together years ago and kept in touch. I followed her career coaching business on LinkedIn and saw her tremendous success. She seemed happy. I realized I was not. Maybe her personal clarity and purposeful career path could rub off on me.

Amy first helped me understand how underwater I was, both personally and professionally. She helped uncover the root cause to my overwhelmingly intense pace and she listened, closely. Through our dialogue I started to understand my tendencies, little things I accepted or pushed through that I needed to address. I made some immediate personal changes that freed up my mind to explore who I wanted to become next. I hadn’t lifted my head up from the grind in quite some time; she encouraged me to take a breath and open doors of possibility.

I started to get quite a few calls from recruiters. It was almost as if the universe sensed I was ready for a change. When the right opportunity knocked, I saw it right away. I had done enough pre-work with Amy to recognize that this opportunity fit my primary objective of being able to spend loads of time with my kids while also being challenged in a leadership role at work. I moved from a marketing position into corporate strategy and six months in, I definitely feel I have found my niche.

I cannot say enough positive things about Amy. She’s such a lovely combination of life and career coach. She recognizes how much the two intertwine and addresses her clients as a whole. I am so grateful for the kindness she showed while my life unraveled a bit and then started to come back together. She added just enough process and follow through to make our time together extremely successful, but left a lot of room for thoughtfulness and exploration. I will forever remember Amy as my guide out of the fog of this insane pandemic.


VP of Strategy, iRhythm Technologies

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