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Executive Career and Leadership Coaching

You’re more than a dreamer: You’re a visionary.

You want to enjoy your work, and you’re passionate about building a better world.

Although your career used to be satisfying, lately, it's been causing more stress than pleasure.

You may be feeling as if you’re:

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    Unfulfilled, even though you’ve worked your way up the corporate ladder and into a position you hoped for and worked hard to attain

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    Blurring the lines between work and life and frequently second-guessing yourself

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    Worrying that you don’t have it within you to step into the leadership role that your team needs in this ever-changing work environment

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    Meant to be doing work where you can make a greater impact but you don’t know what that looks like or how to get there.

If any of those sound familiar, I have good news:

You can become the leader you’re meant to be–someone inspired and empowered to change the world in their work each day.

The key is to first look inward to identify what's important and what's missing. Then, the right path forward starts to present itself. Working with an experienced and professionally trained coach accelerates your journey.

Becoming the leader you're meant to be is a transformative journey that starts from within. It involves understanding your values, passions, and aspirations, and aligning them with your professional endeavors. When you are inspired and empowered to make a positive impact in your work every day, you can truly change the world.

To embark on this journey, it is essential to take a deep dive into your inner self and gain clarity on what truly matters to you. Reflect on your strengths, areas for growth, and the impact you want to create in your chosen field. By identifying what's important and what's missing in your current leadership approach, you lay the foundation for personal and professional growth.

While this introspective process is crucial, working with an experienced and professionally trained coach can greatly accelerate your journey. A coach provides guidance, support, and expertise to help you navigate challenges, uncover hidden insights, and unlock your full potential as a leader. They serve as a trusted partner, walking alongside you as you embark on this transformative path.

Through coaching, you'll gain valuable tools, perspectives, and strategies to overcome obstacles, enhance your leadership skills, and make a lasting impact in your work. A coach helps you tap into your unique strengths, build self-awareness, and cultivate the mindset needed to thrive as a leader.

Remember, the path to becoming the leader you're meant to be is not a solitary one. With the support of a skilled coach, you can accelerate your growth, gain clarity, and navigate the challenges that come your way. Embrace the opportunity to work with a coach and unlock your true leadership potential, making a meaningful difference in your work and in the world.

When you go on this journey, you’ll find yourself:

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    Optimistic about the future and confident that the work you're doing represents the legacy that you want to leave behind

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    Knowing exactly what path to pursue in your career, so you can show up authentically and with purpose

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    Delegating to your team, so they can step into bigger roles that amplify their strengths and talents, while you lighten your load to allow for more strategic thinking

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    Setting boundaries that enhance, rather than drain, your energy

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    Watching the happiness barometer increase in both your career and life

Results from Previous Happy Clients

“Our work has left a permanent change in the way that I see my own leadership and the ways I best can use leadership to create lasting change”

Jacob, Clinical Professor at Stanford

“Amy Sanchez does not provide you with THE answer — She engages you to gain clarity of thinking, prioritization of actions, and ensures you are prepared and confident to OWN your next steps of the career you choose to live.”

James, Commercial Operations and Strategy Leader

“Amy's approach is like nothing I've seen before, and the intentional nudge with which she pushed me towards my purpose has changed my life.”

Emily, Head of Events

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Coaching Process


This is the coaching process we’ll follow in both executive career and leadership coaching.

  • Assessments are included to enhance self-awareness and recognition of your unique gifts.

In the journey to becoming the leader you're meant to be, assessments play a vital role in enhancing self-awareness and recognizing your unique gifts. These assessments provide valuable insights and objective data that can deepen your understanding of yourself, your strengths, and areas for growth.

Through assessments, you gain a clearer picture of your personality traits, communication style, leadership preferences, and other relevant aspects of your professional identity. These tools help you identify your natural talents, uncover hidden potentials, and shed light on areas where further development may be beneficial.

By enhancing self-awareness through assessments, you can better understand how you interact with others, make decisions, solve problems, and lead teams. This knowledge empowers you to leverage your strengths more effectively, adapt your leadership style to different situations, and build stronger relationships with your colleagues and team members.

Furthermore, assessments can reveal aspects of your leadership potential that you may not have fully recognized before. They provide a framework for exploring your unique gifts, values, and passions, helping you align your leadership approach with what truly matters to you.

Working with an experienced coach who utilizes assessments can greatly amplify the benefits of these tools. Your coach can interpret the assessment results, provide personalized guidance based on your unique profile, and support you in leveraging your strengths to drive meaningful change in your work and life.

Remember, assessments are powerful tools that facilitate self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace the opportunity to explore your unique gifts, expand your self-awareness, and harness your full potential as a leader. Through this process, you can create a profound impact in your professional endeavors and find fulfillment in aligning your authentic self with your leadership journey.

  • This process will be catered to your unique needs and opportunities.

At Swim Against, we understand that each individual is unique, with their own distinct needs, aspirations, and opportunities. That's why our process is tailored specifically to you. We believe in a customized approach that takes into account your individual circumstances and empowers you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Throughout our engagement, we will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and challenges. We will listen attentively, ask insightful questions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation. This deep understanding forms the foundation upon which we build a personalized roadmap for your growth and success.

Our experienced team of professionals will leverage their expertise, knowledge, and resources to design a coaching experience that is tailored to address your specific needs and tap into your full potential. Whether you're seeking to enhance your leadership skills, navigate a career transition, or overcome specific obstacles, we will create a process that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Throughout the coaching journey, we will adapt and refine our approach based on your progress, feedback, and evolving circumstances. We believe in a collaborative partnership that ensures your needs are met and your aspirations are realized.

We are committed to providing you with the guidance, support, and tools you need to thrive. Together, we will navigate challenges, uncover opportunities, and unlock your true potential. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to create lasting positive change in your life and career.

So, rest assured that the process we embark upon together will be tailored specifically to you. Your unique needs, opportunities, and growth potential will be at the forefront of our approach as we work together to create a transformative coaching experience that aligns with your individual journey.

  • In corporate settings, leadership coaching may also include a 360 to increase your understanding of how others perceive you.

In corporate settings, leadership coaching often encompasses a comprehensive approach to personal and professional development. As part of this approach, a 360-degree feedback assessment may be incorporated to enhance your understanding of how others perceive you as a leader.

A 360-degree feedback assessment is a valuable tool that gathers input from multiple perspectives, including colleagues, subordinates, superiors, and other stakeholders. This holistic assessment provides you with a well-rounded view of your leadership strengths, areas for improvement, and the impact of your actions on others.

By collecting feedback from various sources, the 360-degree assessment offers insights into your leadership style, communication effectiveness, decision-making processes, and other relevant aspects of your role. It enables you to gain a more accurate understanding of your leadership presence and the ways in which your actions and behaviors impact those around you.

The feedback received from a 360-degree assessment serves as a catalyst for growth and development. It highlights blind spots, uncovers hidden strengths, and sheds light on opportunities for growth and improvement. With this increased self-awareness, you can make targeted changes, refine your leadership approach, and enhance your overall effectiveness as a leader.

Working with a skilled coach, you can effectively navigate the insights provided by the 360-degree assessment. Your coach will help you interpret the feedback, identify patterns and themes, and create a development plan tailored to your unique needs. They will guide you in leveraging your strengths, addressing areas of improvement, and cultivating the skills and behaviors necessary for impactful leadership.

Remember, the inclusion of a 360-degree feedback assessment within the leadership coaching process is designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of your leadership impact. Embracing this valuable feedback, combined with the support and guidance of a coach, will empower you to make meaningful changes, foster positive relationships, and elevate your leadership effectiveness within the corporate setting.

Part 1 of the executive coaching process

Optimize Your Energy

Identify your conscious and unconscious messages

Turn destructive stories into empowering ones

Increase your awareness and invite opportunity into your life

Part 2 of the executive coaching process

Set Your Vision

Through a guided exercise, you will identify your ideal destination- in your career and/or how you want to show up as a leader

A feasibility check will help confirm that your vision meets all your goals

Destination Identified

Part 3 of the executive coaching process

Illuminate the Path

Based on your ideal vision:

For executive career coaching, we build a strategy to enable you to land your dream job (includes access to a library of resources to support your search- whether that means working for another company or starting your own business- the sky is the limit)

For leadership coaching, we introduce subtle, yet impactful changes to your leadership style and approach that enable you to become the kind of leader you want to be

These steps were methodically designed to enable you to seamlessly and authentically move through the coaching process and designed using best coaching practices and my personal experience coaching hundreds of leaders through life-changing transformations.

Rest assured that the steps in our coaching process have been methodically designed to ensure a seamless and authentic journey for you. Drawing on best coaching practices and my extensive experience coaching hundreds of leaders through life-changing transformations, we have crafted a process that is both effective and tailored to your unique needs.

Each step in the coaching process has been thoughtfully designed to support your growth, encourage self-reflection, and enable meaningful progress. From our initial discussions to the establishment of goals, from the exploration of your strengths and areas for development to the implementation of actionable strategies, every aspect of the process is geared towards your success.

By incorporating best coaching practices, we prioritize a client-centered approach that values your autonomy, self-discovery, and personal growth. We create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore, reflect, and take ownership of your own development journey. Our goal is to empower you to tap into your innate potential, unlock new possibilities, and achieve meaningful transformation.

As an experienced coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insights gained from working with numerous leaders in diverse industries. This enables me to understand the challenges you may face and guide you effectively through the coaching process. I leverage my expertise to provide you with valuable tools, perspectives, and strategies that will accelerate your growth and maximize your potential.

Throughout our coaching journey, we will maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that your unique needs and aspirations are at the forefront of our work together. We will regularly review and adapt our approach to align with your progress and evolving goals. This flexibility and client-centered focus are essential to achieving the desired outcomes and creating lasting impact.

Rest assured that our coaching process is built on a foundation of expertise, experience, and best coaching practices. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey that will enable you to reach new heights of personal and professional fulfillment.

After working together in a one-on-one coaching experience, you'll be able to:

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Build and execute a roadmap to a work life and leadership style that allow you, and those around you, to thrive

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Align your strengths, your motivations, and your values so you know what to prioritize and you’re making impact at every touch point

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Feel creatively inspired and appropriately challenged by the work you’re doing

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Identify opportunities for growth and reengage with your career in a meaningful way

Checkmark Teal, Amy Sanchez, Swim Against the Current - Leadership coaching

Find a work-life integration that’s aligned with your values and allows you to bring your best self to both your personal and professional life

Here’s what it would be like to work together:

coaching-testimonials-amy-sanchez-swim-against-the-current-Marisa Ruffles

This experience truly changed my perspective on not just my career, but how my career fits into my life overall.

Amy gave me the permission and the safe space to explore my strengths and passions and define my own vision of success.

Inquisitive and insightful, Amy helped me uncover the ‘why’ of what excites and motivates me and helped me look for opportunities to grow in those areas. So much more than a career coach, Amy is a kind, patient and thoughtful mentor. If you’re feeling lost or unfulfilled in your career or held back in your current role - and aren’t sure what the right next step is - I’d strongly suggest connecting with Amy.

Working with Amy wasn’t the work I thought I was going to do; it was the work I didn’t realize I needed to do.

-Marisa, Senior Director of Marketing

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