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You’re driven to make an impact, but right now you’re not feeling engaged or aligned in your career.

I was there once too.

Prior to becoming a leadership and executive career coach, I spent 13 years working for small, medium, and large organizations and successfully climbing the career ladder — but I didn’t feel fully satisfied. Deep down, I knew there was a better path for me. I just wasn’t sure how to get there.

To help, I partnered with a coach and explored areas I’d never tapped into before.

That’s how I found my true calling: Helping corporate leaders and mission-driven organizations navigate growth to optimize happiness, impact and earning potential. Once I made this change, I was rewarded in all parts of my life.

Trusted by clients in organizations such as:

Hi! I’m Amy Sanchez, a leadership and executive career coach.

I hold an MBA from the University of Southern California, and a professional coach certification from the International Coaching Federation — one of the highest distinctions for coaches.

In addition to the work I do with individuals and teams, I also lead group coaching for c-suite women who are members of Chief. (Chief's mission: to drive women forward into positions of power and keep them there.)

Finally, I'm a keynote speaker and industry thought leader with works published in leading business publications such as Fast Company, Glassdoor, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and the CEO magazine.

Amy Sanchez Executive Career Coach

My Approach to Coaching

I believe, and have repeatedly seen, that the power to create change lies within you. My role as an executive coach is help you tune into your strengths, confront limiting beliefs and face difficult truths to begin the cycle of change.  These moments of discovery and discomfort serve as catalysts for transformation, allowing you to unlock new insights and step into the realm of possibility.

I combine my logic from my MBA training with my intuition to help you unearth insights that, at times, will be uncomfortable and other times, extremely satisfying. Then, I leverage my corporate training and years of coaching experience to help you identify steps that will attract your ideal outcome.

Different from a friend (I’m an unbiased source) or a therapist (we’ll spend most of our time looking forward, not backward), I’ll help you tap into what’s possible to step into the best personal and professional version of yourself or your team.

I create a supportive and collaborative coaching space. Together, we will celebrate your victories and milestones, and we will also infuse moments of joy and laughter into our sessions. Life is a journey to be enjoyed, and I believe in finding a balance between deep exploration and light-heartedness.

Together, we will identify what is possible and work towards creating a future aligned with your aspirations.

Swim Against the Current with Coach Amy Sanchez

Why Swim Against the Current® Exists

Swim Against the Current® was born out of my mission to help leaders and organizations identify their competitive advantage and leverage it to positively impact the world. When leaders and companies get clear on what their value is and how they want to authentically position themselves, their potential skyrockets. And happiness, impact, and earning potential all follow suit.

In my work with individuals, I partner with them to help them see who they truly are, their strengths as well as their limitations, and get comfortable with imperfection.  This paves the way to career empowerment and confidence. Each person's path is unique and coaching doesn't always end in following the "conventional route". There is no limit to the destination.  The goal is for my leaders to blaze their own trail, one that resonates with their true selves and enables them to make the kind of impact that they can be proud of at the end of their life.

When working with corporations and organizations, our focus shifts to team building and leadership development. We recognize that the success of a company is deeply intertwined with the collective energy and culture within the workspace. By implementing strategies designed to elevate the vibration of both individuals and the entire corporate environment, we aim to improve the overall culture, maximize happiness and increase productivity.  A positive impact to revenue always follows.

At Swim Against the Current®, we are passionate about transforming the way leaders and organizations operate.  Together, let us navigate uncharted waters, reach unprecedented heights, and create a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

executive career coach - amy sanchez family

After Hours

When I am not helping leaders make fulfilling career decisions, you might find me recharging by the water or clearing a walking path through the toys of my two young daughters, who stretch me in new ways and provide so much joy every day.

executive career coachexecutive career coach - amy sanchez
Customer reviews for Amy Sanchez Executive Coach

"What an amazing experience.

I can't thank Amy enough for the direction she's given me, the empowerment and self discovery process, and the natural skill she has in progressing me to my full self ability and worth.

I am honored to find such a treasure — a resource for my professional growth. I have definitely benefited and it was 100% worth the investment."

-Sheng, Director, Stanford Health Care

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