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About Amy Sanchez

Executive Career And Leadership Coach

Amy Sanchez Executive Career Coach

I am a Career & Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator who helps corporate executives reconnect and reignite their purpose, passion and potential in business and in life.


Through innovative strategies, proven methods and interactive workshops, I have guided hundreds of leaders, from Fortune 50 companies to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, in finding their true North Star while navigating change, amplifying leadership impact and accelerating team productivity.


I hold an MBA from USC and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) license from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), one of the highest coaching distinctions. I am a keynote speaker and industry thought leader, with published works in leading business publications, including Fast Company, Glassdoor, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and the CEO magazine.

My Story

I’m often asked about the origin of my company name because, well, it’s not your standard business nomenclature – which is perfect, because I don’t deliver the standard type of coaching. 😉


I help corporate leaders thrive through change, with “change” being the choice word.  And, personally speaking, I’ve experienced a lot of it: 14 location moves, five job roles, and one major industry career pivot. Change has taught me that the inevitable discomfort in early stages of change eventually leads to growth and wisdom. After years of personally navigating change, and now helping so many others do the same, I’ve learned that why we stick in “stuck” is because predictability is comfortable. Meanwhile, leaders look for ways to amplify their impact.


I have successfully navigated the labyrinth of self-doubt to self-discovery. My own career transformation story has instilled in me a steadfast commitment to helping create pivot success stories for over a hundred professionals. To fully understand how I help others, it’s important to understand how I got here.


The bookends of that story are the ‘Old Me’ and the ‘New Me’—with a lot of personal development and powerful growth in between.

Old Me

Short-tempered, always rushing, constantly thinking about “what’s next,” full of self-doubt, depleted.

New Me

Patient, relaxed, fulfilled, confident, optimistic, and grateful.

The space between Old and New was a one year self-experiment culminating in valuable insight that helped me pivot from an Executive Employee to an Executive Coach.

The Old Corporate Me

Prior to becoming a coach, I spent 13 years in Corporate America in sales then marketing working for big companies like Eli Lilly & Company, Johnson and Johnson and smaller start-ups. I got my MBA and worked long hours but never quite felt satisfied. I was getting promoted and compensated well for my time but inside, I was lost and unfulfilled.


The Breaking Point

I constantly felt guilty, questioned my worth and felt so drained at the end of every day that, at times, I could barely muster the energy to maintain relationships outside of work. I was repeatedly ignoring the dream I had to help people in a more personal way and, in the process, underutilizing my natural gifts.


Then something happened that crystalized my priorities…


In the span of three weeks, my first daughter was born—and my grandfather died.


Two realizations hit me hard: My happiness was no longer just about me and life can slip away at any moment.


This awareness gave me the strength to explore the question: Am I meant to be doing something different?

The Pivot

After over a decade working in corporate leadership roles at some of the world’s most high-profile companies, I was able to successfully pivot my career from ‘stuck in the ordinary’, to ‘liberated in the extraordinary’ – and now help all types of executives do the same.


I knew there was a different path forward for me—one that would put me at the intersection of my purpose, passion and potential. I partnered with a coach and did the hard work to figure out what I really wanted to do and realized: My calling was to help corporate leaders.


I received one of the top coaching certifications in the country, started my company, and now, I LOVE what I do.

Helping Others Pivot and Transform

Every day, I pay that expertise and experience forward by partnering with corporate leaders to guide them to more fulfilling, more impactful career roles and decisions.


For those passionate leaders who feel disconnected and want to “Swim Against the Current,” they need a way to find the best path forward.  Metaphorically speaking, I help them clear the murky water (create vision), look ahead (set direction) and figure out where to swim upstream (identify opportunities). My services illuminate their next career calling that, coupled with their proven ability to succeed, help them not just ‘get through’ change, but ‘thrive through’ it to reach their full potential as impactful leaders.

After Hours

When I am not helping leaders make fulfilling career decisions, you might see me clearing a walking path through the toys of my two young daughters, who stretch me in new ways and provide so much joy every day.

The Meaning of Life

My Approach to Coaching

I believe, and have repeatedly seen, that the power to create change lies inside you.  But you must first realize you need to make a change.  Once you do, my role is to walk by your side and shine a lantern while we explore the caves of your conscious and unconscious mind.

I combine my logic from my MBA-mindset with my natural intuition to help you unearth insights that, at times, will be uncomfortable and other times, extremely satisfying. 

Different from a friend (I reserve judgment at all times) or a therapist (I’m not looking to diagnose your ailments), my role will be to help you discover what’s possible to create the best version of yourself you can be.  We will explore some new depths together.  And we will definitely have some fun and laughs along the way.

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"After working with Amy, I feel confident that I know what I am meant to do, what my career goals are, and how I am going to achieve them. Read more."

Nicole, Higher Education Administration
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