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A Free Guide to Help You Reflect on the Year

2020 has been quite a year. I bet you learned a few things about yourself.

What’s the best way to pull all those learnings together?  I’m glad you asked, I adapted this exercise from a booklet from YearCompass to help you with this.

The benefits of reflecting on your year can be really powerful and include:

  • The ability to recognize and appreciate what brings you joy so you can invite more of that into your life next year
  • An opportunity to let go of things that are no longer serving you (or never were)
  • A concrete way to transition away from what has been a very difficult year for many and prepare to move forward stronger, happier, and prepared for a happy new year.

 I went through the exercise myself and the part where I drew what to let go literally left my heart expanding into my chest cavity. 

 And then I felt this super powerful release. 

 And then my favorite Christmas song came on. 

 Talk about signs that you’re on the right track. 🙂

Sit back, grab a warm drink and reflect on the year of 2020. Oh what a year it has been.

Year End Review… For You!

Print this out and write your answer the old fashioned way or copy and paste this into Word- whatever feels best for you and your style.

1. Go through this year’s calendar, week by week.  If you see an important gathering, family get-together or a significant project, write it down here:
2. What aspects were the most important to you in the following areas last year? Which happenings or events were the most significant? Why?

Personal, Life, Family  

Work, Studies, Profession

Belongings (Home, Objects)  

Relaxation, Hobbies, Creativity

Friends, Community

Health, Fitness


Emotional, Spiritual


Bucket List
3. In The Past Year, What Was:  

The wisest decision I made

The biggest lesson I learned  

The biggest risk I took

The biggest surprise of the year

The most important thing I did for others

The biggest thing I completed
4. What are you most proud of?  

5. Who are the three people who influenced you the most?  

6. Who are the three people you influenced the most?  

7. What were you not able to accomplish?  

8. What is the best thing you have discovered about yourself?  

9. What are you the most grateful for?  

10. Describe the greatest and most memorable, joyful moments from last year. Draw them on a sheet. How did you feel? Who was there with you? What were you doing? What kind of smells, sounds or tastes do you remember?
11. Three of my Biggest Accomplishments

List Them

What’s Unique About you That Enabled you to Accomplish These Things?

Who helped you achieve your success?  How?
12. Three of my Biggest Challenges

List Them  

Where are you with these challenges?  

What did these challenges teach you?
13. Did anything happen during the past year that still needs to be forgiven? Deeds or words that made you feel bad or angry with yourself or someone else? Write it down here.  

14. What will it take to forgive yourself (if you don’t know the answer yet, that’s ok.  Just write it down.  Sometimes, just that can work wonders)  

15. A book was written about your past year.  What is the title?

16. Is there anything else you need to say or let go of before you can start your next year? Draw or write, then think about it and let it all go.  
You’re done with the past year.
Congratulations, you survived Pandemic 2020.
Take a deep breath.  

Get some rest.
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