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How Slowing Down Can Make You More Productive and Successful

Career benefits of slowing down

This past month, I have been working every possible moment to get my business up and running.  I’ve been building, creating, networking, pouring over spreadsheets, thinking about my social media strategy, etc.  I’ve been consumed with optimizing my time with tasks to reach my objective and stalking my inbox waiting for new leads to come in.  Then, the day…

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What to Do After You Lose Your Job

How to handle job loss

So you recently lost your job.  Rest assured, you’re in good company.  Most anyone who has taken a risk in their career has lost their job at some point. First off, don’t panic. I know this is easier said than done.  However, once you’ve had some time to digest the news- you will realize that have…

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How to Manage a Difficult Boss

How to handle a horrible boss

Going to work every day with a boss you don’t get along with a boss you don’t click with ranks up there with getting a tooth pulled without novocaine.  It’s downright painful.  I’ve been right there with you, a couple of times. And I’ve made some mistakes while trying to manage the situation. Lucky for you,…

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