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Leadership and Executive Career Coaching for Leaders Who Are Ready for Greater Impact

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You’re ready to optimize your work and impact the world in ways that feel aligned with your values.

But you’re not quite feeling aligned right now.

From an individual perspective, you may be wondering why your excitement is dwindling even though you've reached a senior level in your career.

Or from an organizational level, you might be looking at your teams and wondering why they don’t seem to be functioning as swiftly and collaboratively as you know they can.

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way to achieve those goals: Executive coaching and team-building workshops led by an expert who knows what leaders and organizations need to maximize their fullest potential.

It’s time to Swim Against the Current®.

Hi! I’m Amy Sanchez, a leadership and executive career coach.

I partner with leaders and companies to help them increase their impact so they can create happier and more successful workplaces.

Sometimes this is about finding a new environment that’s a better fit for your values and strengths.

Sometimes it’s about providing awareness and training to those around you to promote efficient and motivating behaviors.

Sometimes, it’s about taking a close look at your own leadership behaviors and deciding that you want to improve.

If you're ready to explore a change in your career, leadership style, or seek improvements in your organization, join me on the journey to increased happiness, impact, and earning potential.

Coach, Consultant, Speaker - Amy Sanchez

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“It is difficult to sum up how much Amy has done to help me and the impact that it has on my life.

At a high-level, Amy gave me the tools to take stock in who I am, outline what I stand for and should therefore expect from people, and how to build my confidence and influence as a leader.

While Amy is an amazing coach helping leaders be more impactful, she is also highly impactful helping her clients pivot from careers and roles when the signs are pointing in that direction.

I feel confident that I am at the destination that I hoped to be at and am excited to start another journey with the navigation that Amy has helped me recognize was in my dashboard all along. I plan on keeping Amy in my life as I keep moving ahead.”

-Robert, Director of Talent

Looking for those same types of results?

Learn more about how I work with individuals and organizations for leadership and executive career coaching, as well as team building workshops.