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It's Time to Swim Against the Current

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Coach, Consultant, Speaker - Amy Sanchez
Speaker Amy Sanchez Executive Career Coach
Keynote speaker
My name is Amy Sanchez and I help corporate leaders navigate key career transitions with intent and purpose so they can maximize their happiness, impact, and earning potential.

The secret to change is first understanding what you want

You climbed quickly in your career and you’ve reached a senior position in your company.  You’ve put in a lot of sweat equity to get where you are and have been focused on getting promotions, raises, and securing a role you can be proud to share.

Now that you’ve climbed the ladder, something doesn’t feel quite right.  It started as a nagging feeling at first, perhaps presenting as increased frustration, and over time it’s grown to a point where it can no longer be ignored.

You’ve tried to address it subtly but you’re so busy in the position you’ve worked for years to obtain that it’s hard to pick your head up to see where you want to go.

But you know you’re bound for something great- something that enables you to tap into your Zone of Genius and inspires you daily.  You just don’t know what that looks like.  Or how to get there.

You have two choices:

  1. You can stay in this place and hope the tide one day turns in your favor.
  2. You can be intentional, accelerate this change and Swim Against the Current

If you choose the latter, you’ll be joining a long list of leaders who have gone onto:

  • Amplify their voice and get promotions
  • Start their own thriving business
  • Secure job offers with companies who have inspiring missions

With almost two decades of experience, I’ve worked with leaders at Fortune 50 companies, small start-ups, and everywhere in between.

You are bound for greatness, let’s find the path that’s going to enable you to reach your full potential. It’s time to Swim Against the Current.

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I measure ROI on level of fulfillment.  When you're feeling fulfilled, success becomes easy.

On average, after working with me and as measured by my clients, their level of fulfillment in life and career rises from an average of a 4 or 5 to an 8 or above.

In addition, the majority of my clients receive a promotion, a significant pay raise, or start a flourishing business as a result of the insights they uncover during coaching.  Want to hear more from them?  Click here

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"After working with Amy, I feel confident that I know what I am meant to do, what my career goals are, and how I am going to achieve them. Read more."

Leslie, VP of Marketing at a Tech Company
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